S/o to @hypemanantman yo! My team turning up on the eastside at the chit chat!

Proud to present my ‘Styled & Inspired’ Digital Collection again for New York Fashion Week. I want to thank The Fashionologists of NY Agency and Fashion Freeks for honoring me an award this upcoming event. This is truly a blessing. This will be my last time showcasing my styling work digitally in New York. New things are approaching for me.

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Anonymous: I love your confidence with your skin tone. I'm a dark girl and i see where you're coming from but i honestly have a low self esteem due to being mad fun of because of my skin color. Always getting " you're black so you can do this" or the ever so famous " why are you so dark" i always bite my tongue but my confidence is very low at the moment.. can you help me please?


i don’t know how old you are, so i’m not going to tell you to curse these clowns out or hit them, but seriously.

just ask them what problem they have with you being dark.

no, i’m so serious. ask them.

turn around, say “yes, i’m dark. but why is that so bad? what’s wrong with it?” and see what they say.

they’ll probably be caught off guard. because THEY DONT EVEN KNOW WHY BLACK IS BAD! they have just been TAUGHT that!

will it be an awkward moment? yes. will it be an honest moment? yes. idk if it will stop the bullying, but at the VERY least, the more you say to these kids “okay. i’m dark skin. what does that mean? why is that bad? how does that make you better than me?” will at least make these clowns think.

keep your head up, sis.


I’m at a loss for words… 😐 You know why other races don’t “respect us”? It’s partially because we don’t even respect ourselves. This makes others think it’s okay to shit on our race. We can’t get rid of racism & colorism because it exists in our OWN community. These “jokes” aren’t funny. So with that being said, can we stop the light skin vs dark skin beef?

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I went to a middle/high school to observe with one of my friends because that’s what we are assigned to do as an education major.

So one of the middle school girls blurts out “SO ARE YOU TEAM LIGHT SKINNED??” and I just said “nah”

ignorance is already instilled into the youth,…


When you search for “dark skin girls” and all you get is this.

The truly sad part is that a) 90% of the people doing this are P.o.C’s too and b) this isn’t the worst of it! There were so many other tweets that were so much worse than this, but I just didn’t have the heart to repost them.

When will people learn not say shit like this??

When will people learn that just because they are also P.o.C it doesn’t give them a pass to exhibit such disgusting behaviour??

When will people learn that people with darker skin are humans and have feelings and that’s it’s wrong to contain sly mock and degrade someone because of something as superficial as the colour of their skin?

There is so much more I want to say, but I’m so angry and frustrated I don’t know how to continue…. I just wish I could talk to don’t of this people and ask them why.

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I will NOT apologize for my skin tone.

But I will NOT look down on you for yours.

I will NOT lower my shine for anyone.

But I WILL uplift those who need uplifting.

My crown was NOT stolen, it rested neatly on my head since birth, but I will NOT ignore the way white supremacy has made that crown fit more tightly than it need be.